Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hi friends I am coming back soon. I miss everyone.  I was able to see the picture of Mrs. Sabby's baby and isn't he cute.  Im glad she won the bet!!  When I found out I did a little dance. 
Last week we went to the beach again.  It was my mom, my grandma Judi who came to the harvest party, my friend Ennasea and grandpa Roger.  We had so much fun.  We collected shells, walked in the sand, and mom tried to throw me in the ocean.  The water was cold but I still wore my swimsuit and got my legs wet.  Ennasea and I tried to throw mom into the ocean but instead mom picked up Ennasea and nearly threw her out to sea! Ennasea's pants were wet almost to her knees. 
My grandma Dawn and grandpa Frank came to see me too.  We went out to dinner and they came to see me get treatment.

I hope everone had a nice vacation from school and a Happy New Year