Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hi friends I am coming back soon. I miss everyone.  I was able to see the picture of Mrs. Sabby's baby and isn't he cute.  Im glad she won the bet!!  When I found out I did a little dance. 
Last week we went to the beach again.  It was my mom, my grandma Judi who came to the harvest party, my friend Ennasea and grandpa Roger.  We had so much fun.  We collected shells, walked in the sand, and mom tried to throw me in the ocean.  The water was cold but I still wore my swimsuit and got my legs wet.  Ennasea and I tried to throw mom into the ocean but instead mom picked up Ennasea and nearly threw her out to sea! Ennasea's pants were wet almost to her knees. 
My grandma Dawn and grandpa Frank came to see me too.  We went out to dinner and they came to see me get treatment.

I hope everone had a nice vacation from school and a Happy New Year


Friday, December 17, 2010

Moving Day

Today we moved rooms.  They put us in a bigger room since we are what they call long term families.  Our Address is the same but the new number is 27 instead of 13.
Ronald McDonald House
#27 Taylor Breimhorst
824 Childrens Way
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How I am doing so far

Dear friends

I started my Radiation treatments on Monday so far I have had 3 treatments.  One of my friends Jessica finished hers today and gets to go home to England on Saturday.  She got a wig today and I saw it, it's long brown and really pretty.  I hope when she comes back to the Ronald McDonald House she wears it so I can see how it looks.  She can wear it all the time. And I might ask her if I can try it on, but if she says no then its ok too.  If she says yes I am going to say thank you.  She's in 2nd grade also but she lives in a different country.  I put a picture up of after my treatment the marks on my forhead are from the mask I have to wear.  We call it my waffle head.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

This is Denielle updating for Taylor.  She is tired today.  We have been busy with doctor appointments and playing with her new friends here at the Ronald McDonald house.
I know Taylor would love to hear from you either with a comment on her blog,email or snail mail.  She is lonely for her friends and family.
I do have some funny pictures that I plan on posting for her tomorrow.

Goodnight for now

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My stuff I did and what I am going to do today

I am going to answer Katie M question my ipod is red and I listened  to Katie N's and Kate F and I am going to the movie theater today. I am going to see Tangled. I am really really excited. I am going to have popcorn and m &m's.  I hope Tangled is a great movie. I am going with my mom and alyssa and alyssa's mom.  I think it will be a good movie. I will tell you about it tomorrow.  I think it will be not a scary movie. I hope not!  Alyssa is in 3rd grade but I am in 2nd cuz I am with you but not right now. You guys I am making a special present for each of you. I have to finish them tho.  They are not all done. It's a surprise so I am not telling you.  I forgot to say to Mrs. Sabby wrote a email from the class and I responded today.  Did Mrs. Sabby write it for you all?  I wondered about that.  We are going to eat breakfast now so I will write more later.
Love Taylor

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Address

Our address while in Jacksonville is

Ronald McDonald House Jacksonville
#13 Taylor Breimhorst
824 Childrens Way
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some stuff I did so far

I had a really big thanksgiving.
I wore a button that had a picture of me in the leaves.
My bracelet was blurry.
I got to help on the airplane in first class as a honorary flight attendant.
I got a set of wings from the head flight attendant.  When it was moving side to side I said ohhhhh. I was dizzy. I collected garbage three or four times.  I like to help it was very awesome.  I loved that.  I hope I can do that again. 
I like what Carol gave me.  She gave me a fake makeup set.  I like it.  I kept it there so I could play with it there is 3 nail polish that is all the kids in my house favorite colors. My sisters is purple, my brothers is blue, and mine is pink.  I like it.  I said thank you.  I got to play the bongos.  I swam 3 times in the pool. I like to go swimming it is fun but I can not swim without my life jacket. I had a 3 piece swimsuit because I had a little tutu.  Its pretty.  There is all sorts of colors.  I like that.  It is beautiful.  I got a new ipod. I have lots and lots and lots of songs. They are cool songs.  I like them.  They are awesome.