Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some stuff I did so far

I had a really big thanksgiving.
I wore a button that had a picture of me in the leaves.
My bracelet was blurry.
I got to help on the airplane in first class as a honorary flight attendant.
I got a set of wings from the head flight attendant.  When it was moving side to side I said ohhhhh. I was dizzy. I collected garbage three or four times.  I like to help it was very awesome.  I loved that.  I hope I can do that again. 
I like what Carol gave me.  She gave me a fake makeup set.  I like it.  I kept it there so I could play with it there is 3 nail polish that is all the kids in my house favorite colors. My sisters is purple, my brothers is blue, and mine is pink.  I like it.  I said thank you.  I got to play the bongos.  I swam 3 times in the pool. I like to go swimming it is fun but I can not swim without my life jacket. I had a 3 piece swimsuit because I had a little tutu.  Its pretty.  There is all sorts of colors.  I like that.  It is beautiful.  I got a new ipod. I have lots and lots and lots of songs. They are cool songs.  I like them.  They are awesome.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Last Post from me

Taylor is tired today from all her play so I am going to write about our day.  She got to play in the pool with her cousins Ruben and Russell.  She had a blast.  She got to play with Grandpa Roger in the pool and put him in jail for 10 days. We have so much more to tell you in our next blog.  Here is a picture of Taylor in the pool today.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hi it's Denielle again.  For those of you who are looking for her to start the blog.  We will be posting daily (trying to that is) starting November 24th.  That is the day the true adventure begins.  She may want to post something before that but that is up to her.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taylor's Adventures

Hi this is Denielle (Taylor's Mom) I am going to tell you what to expect from this blog.  Everyday during our adventure in Florida we will be taking a picture and posting it here and then I will type a message from Taylor to all her friends at school and all over.  Feel free to leave a comment and I will read them to her.  Also you can send her email at  She is looking forward to sharing her experiences with you all. We are hoping to see some great things while down there in FL

Bye for now,