Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My stuff I did and what I am going to do today

I am going to answer Katie M question my ipod is red and I listened  to Katie N's and Kate F and I am going to the movie theater today. I am going to see Tangled. I am really really excited. I am going to have popcorn and m &m's.  I hope Tangled is a great movie. I am going with my mom and alyssa and alyssa's mom.  I think it will be a good movie. I will tell you about it tomorrow.  I think it will be not a scary movie. I hope not!  Alyssa is in 3rd grade but I am in 2nd cuz I am with you but not right now. You guys I am making a special present for each of you. I have to finish them tho.  They are not all done. It's a surprise so I am not telling you.  I forgot to say to Mrs. Sabby wrote a email from the class and I responded today.  Did Mrs. Sabby write it for you all?  I wondered about that.  We are going to eat breakfast now so I will write more later.
Love Taylor

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