Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some stuff I did so far

I had a really big thanksgiving.
I wore a button that had a picture of me in the leaves.
My bracelet was blurry.
I got to help on the airplane in first class as a honorary flight attendant.
I got a set of wings from the head flight attendant.  When it was moving side to side I said ohhhhh. I was dizzy. I collected garbage three or four times.  I like to help it was very awesome.  I loved that.  I hope I can do that again. 
I like what Carol gave me.  She gave me a fake makeup set.  I like it.  I kept it there so I could play with it there is 3 nail polish that is all the kids in my house favorite colors. My sisters is purple, my brothers is blue, and mine is pink.  I like it.  I said thank you.  I got to play the bongos.  I swam 3 times in the pool. I like to go swimming it is fun but I can not swim without my life jacket. I had a 3 piece swimsuit because I had a little tutu.  Its pretty.  There is all sorts of colors.  I like that.  It is beautiful.  I got a new ipod. I have lots and lots and lots of songs. They are cool songs.  I like them.  They are awesome.


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